"Play to Learn" Technology Initiative Brought to AVANCE Families

Addressing the Digital Divide Through Tablets

Through a recent partnership with United Way, the Tapestry Foundation, Samsung, and AVANCE supporters, John and Danna Crutchfield, our families now have the opportunity to break down the barriers preventing them from understanding and accessing new technology. The new initiative is a technology education project called “Play to Learn” addressing the digital divide.Evelin Alvarez

As the use of technology becomes widespread, with grades moving online, parents expected to correspond with teachers electronically, and the new GED test available solely online, AVANCE is adapting its programming. The “Play to Learn” curriculum, designed by United Way and researchers from UT, will be incorporated into our Parent-Child Education Program. During the last 20 minutes of class young children and their parents will participate together in interactive computer-based learning on tablets, and at the end of the 8-week project, will keep the tablets with a year’s worth of data plan.

The program was launched this past week with enthusiastic AVANCE parents eager to learn and actively engage  with their children on the Samsung tablets. “It’s exciting to witness our families participate in this new initiative, especially since most of them do not have access to the latest technology in their homes,” claims Early Childhood Team Lead, Amalia Gutierrez.

“Play to Learn gives our economically disadvantaged families the chance to adapt and excel in our technologically- advanced society… it opens the door to future job opportunities and academic success,” states Home Educator, Nancy Ramirez, who attended the United Way special training to bring the program to AVANCE.

AVANCE would like to thank our sponsors for giving us the way and means to take part in this new initiative that impacts the families that need it most in our community.