Support families in our community today.

AVANCE’s holistic, multi-faceted, 2-generation programs yield measurable learning outcomes while building community and social capital. Our hallmark program is the Parent-Child Education Program (PCEP), an evidenced-based model of early intervention that focuses on the interdependent welfare of children, families, and the community. In addition to the core PCEP program, AVANCE-Austin offers additional programs including Triple P - Positive Parenting Practices, English as A Second Language, Summer Nutrition & Literacy, AVANCE Innovative Moms and Dads (AIMs) and Mamas Avanzando Alumni Program.

AVANCE Parent-Child Education Program (PCEP)

Parents as All-Important First Teachers

The best way to ensure children succeed in life is to involve parents in their child’s education, especially before age three.

AVANCE-Austin leverages our impact on children. We educate parents about their role as their child’s first and most important teachers. Parents learn how to turn their home into a laboratory of discovery, creating a cognitively rich environment that facilitates developmental milestones. Our parenting activities include parent education, toy making classes, community resource speakers, home visitation, parent-child interactive literacy activities, and leadership training.  When parents master the typical parenting behaviors, their children excel in school and life. This holistic approach integrates lecture with hands-on experience to instill our educational message deep into the fabric of our families’ homes. All this happens while children become school ready in Early Child Development classes.

Parent Sessions

English as a Second Language (ESL) Class (1 Hour)

Parents with strong English skills are better equipped to help their children succeed academically. ESL classes also build a solid base from which parents can further their own education. Improving skills builds self-confidence and yields better job prospects.


Parenting Education Class (1 Hour)

While exploring child growth and development, parents learn they are their child’s first and most important teacher, and home is the first classroom. Sometimes, parents feel unqualified to fill this role. AVANCE breaks that myth!  Parents are given tools and techniques to understand their child’s Social, Emotional, Cognitive and Physical growth. We show how everyday situations demand strong reading, writing, science, and math skills. With this knowledge, parents often become leaders in their school and community.


Toy Making Class (1 Hour)

The purpose of the toy making class is to teach participants how to create educational toys from inexpensive, readily available materials such as balls, baby dolls, or books from file folders.  The toys are used to promote bonding, encourage educational play, and serve as the basis for monthly home visits. Through group activities, this class serves to create a peer support group. While parents are cutting or sewing, they are talking, comparing notes on their child’s development and offering a reassuring voice for each other.


Community Resources (1 Hour)

AVANCE-Austin is a remarkable program, but we need your help. Our three-hour speaker program connects parents with community resources.  Each week, parents can attend a presentation on health and nutrition, financial literacy, health and wellness, and other topics that meet our parents' needs.

Children’s Sessions

Early Childhood Education

AVANCE provides a stimulating and nurturing educational environment for children up to three years old while their parents attend informative parenting sessions. Children learn the school ready concepts such as letters, numbers, figures, colors, and more. These activities are designed to stimulate their five senses as well as their fine and gross motor skills to prepare them for pre-school. The goal is for our children to start school a step ahead.  Pre-school teachers and principals often remark how AVANCE children stand apart!


Home Visits

AVANCE-Austin conducts monthly home visits with each family. The visits offer parents one-on-one skill-based training based on their needs. During the home visit, parents have an opportunity to demonstrate their learned parenting skills through play and appropriate environmental stimulation.  This observation gives staff members better insight into the family’s individual needs. Case management offers families information and referrals based on their individualized needs.

Support Services

AVANCE-Austin provides food and transportation services to ensure that those lacking these necessities can participate.

Positive Parenting Practices (Triple P) Program

Drawing on social learning, cognitive behavioral and developmental theory as well as research into risk factors associated with the development of social and behavioral problems in children, Triple P is a home-based parenting and family support system for parents with children 0-3 designed to prevent – as well as treat – behavioral and emotional problems in children. It aims to prevent problems in the family, school and community before they arise and to create family environments that encourage children to realize their potential. The program equips parents with the skills and confidence they need to be self-sufficient. In addition to home visits, AVANCE-Austin conducts two to three group exercises.

Summer Literacy & Nutrition Program

An H-E-B Read 3 Partnership Program

AVANCE-Austin partners with H-E-B to offer an interactive-learning, six-week summer program. This educational program educates parents with interactive reading, health, and nutrition lessons in a fun, engaging holistic family approach. Families learn that children flourish when a young mind's appetite for knowledge is fed. The program is taught in Spanish and is open to parents with children 0-5 years.

Parent Sessions

Parenting Activities (1 hour)

The H-E-B Read 3 curriculum directly aligns with the AVANCE way by acknowledging that parents are a child’s most important teachers and role models. The session emphasizes daily reading and easy tips that encourage children to find books enjoyable. Reading aloud inspires, entertains, teaches, and provides a special bonding time between parents and children.


Food Demonstrations (1 hour)

Weekly food demonstrations show parents how to add healthier foods in their favorite meals, even in the smallest ways. Exchanging fruits and vegetables for less healthy ingredients offers more nutritional value without sacrificing great taste. Each demonstration provides the complete recipe and nutritional facts so parents can make the snacks and drinks at home.

Children's Sessions

AVANCE-Austin provides a stimulating and nurturing educational environment for children up to five years old while their parents attend informative parenting sessions. Children learn important nutritional values, as well as literacy concepts through engaging story time, sing-alongs, and classroom activities. Children adopt language best through experience. A strong vocabulary develops when adults read, sing, and talk with children. Activities are designed to stimulate the child's five senses as well as their fine and gross motor skills to prepare them for pre-school and beyond. The goal is to stimulate cognitive development while children are away from school during the summer.

Support Services

After every weekly session, AVANCE-Austin provides each family with free books to promote daily reading and literacy skills. In addition, a field trip to the local H-E-B grocery store includes a fun scavenger hunt that shows parents where nutritional foods are located. Upon completing the program, children are given T-Shirts and backpacks.

Mamas Avanzando Alumni Program

AVANCE-Austin developed the alumni group in response to families requesting additional resources beyond the nine-month Parent-Child Education Program, especially those that could help them further their individual development, parenting  and pathways to employment. In August 2017, we held our first event and have since held multiple, informative sessions. Topics range from civic engagement, stress management classes, leadership training, and parenting sessions.