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Support families in our community today.

AVANCE Builds Better and Brighter Futures for Underserved Families

Advancement for under-resourced families of young children.

Established in 1973, AVANCE (Uh-vahn-say) is a national, non-profit organization, primarily serving Texas, that meets hard to reach, low-income families where they are. Meaning "advance" or “progress,” AVANCE serves as a trusted guide to assist under-resourced families of young children in overcoming isolation and lack of opportunity. AVANCE was established in Austin in 1998. Using our unique two generation education and relationship-building methodology, we help family members become the best parents, employees, and citizens they can be. We aim to liberate parents and their children from the cycle of poverty in a family-oriented, non-judgmental environment. The result: Our families enjoy a more prosperous future full of opportunity and economic self-sufficiency.

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Home is the first classroom.

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Home is the first classroom. Parents are their child's first and most influential teachers. Education is the core of AVANCE. Many of our English- and Spanish-speaking certified instructors and our support staff are former participants in our programs. Now serving as role models, they deliver parent training and quality early childhood education programs with care and compassion.

AVANCE’s holistic, multi-faceted, two generation curriculum yields measurable learning outcomes while building community, trust, and social capital. Our hallmark program is the Parent-Child Education Program (PCEP), an evidenced-based model of early intervention that focuses on the interdependent welfare of children, families and the community. AVANCE believes children will soar when parents introduce education and other life skills early in the child's life and make it a natural everyday activity in the home.

Invest in the Future.

Our future success hinges on the way we educate our parents and children. In addition to the core PCEP, AVANCE offers 5 different programs including Triple P – Positive Parenting Program, an Alumni Program, AVANCE Innovative Moms and Dads (AIMS), English as a Second Language, and a Summer Literacy and Nutrition Program.

When you donate to support our programs, you transform the future. You become the hero that helps empower our local families and impact our economy. Help AVANCE build a bigger, better and brighter future for underserved and under-resourced families today.

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