Amplify Austin Exceeds Targets and Expands Reach!

AVANCE Surpasses Previous Year for the Single-Day of Giving

From March 20th-21st, AVANCE took part in Amplify Austin– the only single-day online giving event sponsored by I Live Here I Give Here. Over the course of 24 hours, we raised $8,006– reaching and exceeding our goal of $7,500!

Along with this accomplishment, AVANCE also managed to gain 59 new donors.

“I am calling this Amplify 2014 a definite achievement and win,” stated AVANCE Executive Director, Sofia Casini. “Thank you supporters for all the energy and time put into Amplify– it’s great to see our mission connect with more people each year.”

Many thanks to all our supporters, Board, and fundraisers who helped us achieve this feat through spreading awareness of our program mission and impact. Because of you, we can now provide school supplies, snacks, and scholarships for our families!