Meet Perla, AVANCE-Austin Alumni!

“Committed to being prepared parents, open to learning new things, and spending quality time with our children. Avance, through its invaluable teachers, encouraged us to be better mothers. The classroom became a place of solace, a place where we never felt judged. We shared experiences, some of which brought laughter, while others ended in tears, but always feeling the support and solidarity of our fellow mothers, because life isn’t easy, and motherhood isn’t easy. However, when we have a support network, it becomes more manageable.

Thank you, Avance, for your love for families, thank you for gifting us with unforgettable moments, thank you to the teachers for your patience and affection, and thanks to our partners and family members for accompanying us on this journey. We know that there will be tough days, as motherhood is a rollercoaster of situations and emotions. But, fellow mothers, let’s remember the lessons this program has taught us, let’s remember that we don’t have to be the perfect mother, but the mother our children need, and, above all, let’s remember that motherhood is lived one day at a time. Thank you.”