Mission and Values

Support families in our community today.

Empowering Underserved Families to Reach their Highest Potential

AVANCE is a leading national non-profit organization working to transform the lives of underserved, under-resourced families.


AVANCE creates pathways to economic mobility for predominantly Latino families through high-quality, culturally responsive, two-generation programming that ensures school readiness for young children and opportunities for parents to build social and economic capital.


We envision a world where all children and families have equitable access to resources and opportunities to reach their fullest potential, transforming the communities in which we live.


We believe that all children and families have the potential for success.

We believe that parents are their child’s first and most important teachers and that home is the first classroom

We believe that all parents have the innate ability to nurture and care for their children, and are the key to creating an environment that helps their children reach their full potential

We believe in education of the whole person and whole family as a means to physical, emotional and economic wellbeing.

We believe that all parents and children should be treated with dignity and respect



We provide high quality, innovative parent and child education for the communities we serve.

We provide welcoming, safe, and stimulating learning environments.

We strive to exceed expectations in all our programs.



We treat all families, children, staff and volunteers with dignity and respect.

We act as a catalyst to build confidence, strength, and self-sufficiency.

We offer opportunities to build leadership and advocacy skills.


We are culturally sensitive and inclusive.

We foster a working environment where staff can flourish and grow professionally.

We cultivate mutually beneficial relationships with community partners.


We honor our commitments and responsibilities, and hold each other accountable for behaviors, actions and results.

We are transparent, professional, and collaborative.

We are trustworthy, reliable, and fair.