Valor y Sueños 2017 Cover Mom: Julieta y Nicola

The weekly fieldtrip to the library is a sheer highlight for both Juileta* and her daughter, Nicola*. Juileta loves watching Nicola thoughtfully browse the book shelves, carefully contemplating which one to choose. This weekly ritual all started after the initial visit to the public library with AVANCE.

Though a passionate proponent for reading, Juileta was hesitant to go to the library on her own. She was concerned about communicating with the staff in English and was skeptical about the documents needed to apply for a card. From the outside, the library loomed as a solemn and unwelcoming institution.

This perception changed when she visited the library with the AVANCE staff on a class outing. The librarians were friendly and helpful, and the space inviting and calm. She left that day with a library card and aspirations to return with her daughter.

The library visit coupled with the parenting classes rekindled Juileta’s confidence in her parenting and teaching capabilities.  She reworked her weekly schedule to incorporate additional one-on-one learning time with Nicola. This included the much anticipated visit to the library, and a newly established evening routine of reading a book before bed.

Juileta always believed in the transformative power of reading and is thankful that AVANCE provided the encouraging nudge to stepping into and proudly becoming her daughter’s first and best teacher.

*Names have been changed for confidentiality 



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