Valor y Sueños 2017 Cover Mom: Daniela y Lucia

Daniela* never considered herself a creative type. In fact, when her friend was telling her about AVANCE, the whole program sounded promising, except…the toy making component of the curriculum. She was wary about her creative skills, but signed up anyway because she knew her daughter, Lucia*, would greatly benefit from an early education program.

At first, she quietly dreaded toy making and was self-conscious of her artwork, but the toy making hour of the week quickly became her favorite part of the curriculum. Toy making offered an oasis, a time to relax, create, talk with her peers who became friends, and rediscover the simple joy of creating, especially a toy designed solely for her daughter. Once she saw Lucia’s pure delight in receiving a handmade toy from her mother, any insecurities and judgment over the toy faded away. Her daughter treasures the toys crafted by her mother at AVANCE, and Daniela cherishes that time where she discovered her own gifts of creativity.

*Names have been changed for confidentiality



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