Honoring Anurita Mittra!


On November 10, 2023, AVANCE-Austin will proudly present the Griffith Family Legacy Award to Anurita Mittra during the 25th Anniversary Gala!

About Anurita Mittra

Anurita Mittra has dedicated over 10 years of service to AVANCE-Austin. Through her roles as Director of Programs and Deputy Director, she helped lead, build, and sustain the programmatic services AVANCE has offered. Please help us recognize all of the ways her nonprofit leadership skills have been essential in the growth of the AVANCE mission within Central Texas.

Anurita’s past commitment and unwavering dedication have enriched our organization and transformed countless lives in our community. In 2020, she helped lead the expansion of our Parent-Child Education Program into Northeast Austin and grow our ability to reach more families than ever. This past year, over 1,000 individuals participated in 6 different two-generation programs thanks to her expertise. Throughout Anurita’s tenure, all of our programs have flourished and evolved, reaching new heights of excellence.

Anurita’s passion for education has always been an inspiration to our entire team, igniting a fire of enthusiasm for learning in all of us. While at AVANCE, Anurita continually showed her remarkable talent for recognizing individual strengths and her ability to help harness those strengths to achieve goals. She set high standards for our team to meet the needs of our community but also provided us the necessary support and resources to continually meet and exceed those standards.

Lastly, Anurita’s approach to collaboration served as a shining example for us all. Through her approach, we are reminded that by working hand-in-hand with others who share our goals, we can achieve far more than we ever could on our own. We vow to continue those partnerships long into the future to provide countless resources and opportunities for families to thrive. 

Anurita, now, demonstrates her dedication to our community and leadership skills through her current role as the Vice President of Network Programs and Services for the Central Texas Food Bank. Her previous work accomplishments include serving as Chief Operating Officer at St. Phillips School and Community Center, as well as, Radio News Director at Asian Media Worldwide.

Please join us on November 10th as we express our heartfelt appreciation to Anurita Mittra for her outstanding service and dedication to our community.

About The Griffith Family Legacy Award

This prestigious award is named after the beloved Balie Griffith and his family Beverly, Stephen, and Stefanie Griffith, who helped open the AVANCE chapter in Austin 25 years ago. The Griffith family has since ensured that thousands of families gain access to education and support services, leading to overall success and economic prosperity. Since 2015, AVANCE-Austin has awarded the Griffith Family Legacy Award to individual leaders in Austin who have shown their commitment to serving our community through their time, talents, and financial investments. This award is more than just a symbol of our appreciation; it represents our profound gratitude and deep respect for the dedication offered to our mission.

Read more about Balie Griffith here: http://avanceaustin.org/balie-griffith