Meet Alma AVANCE-Austin Alumni!

In 2015, Alma became a part of AVANCE-Austin’s Parent-Child Education Program, enrolling her family at the St. Johns Community Center. At that time, her daughters, Sofia and Valeria, were 4 years old and 6 months old, respectively. Alma’s decision to join AVANCE proved transformative, as it not only provided her with an educational program but also gifted her an extended family. The bonds she formed with both her teachers and peers transcended mere camaraderie, evolving into a source of unwavering trust, genuine friendship, and vital support.
Despite Alma’s commitment and dedication, she encountered challenges related to Valeria’s behavior, a situation exacerbated by Valeria’s delayed communication skills. In a testament to AVANCE’s holistic approach to family support, Alma decided to participate in AVANCE’s Positive Parenting Practices (Triple P) program. This decision proved pivotal, as Alma was provided with tailored guidance and assistance. The program equipped her with invaluable insights and techniques, enabling her to navigate the complexities of parenting without solely relying on the word “no.” Armed with this newfound knowledge, Alma was able to implement more effective strategies in managing Valeria’s behavior while fostering a positive and nurturing environment for her development.