Spotlight on the 2022 Avanzando Honoree – Nancy Carrasco, 2019 PCEP Alumna

For years, our annual luncheon has served as a platform to uplift the stories of the hundreds of families who are part of our programs. This year, in order to highlight one parent’s remarkable story, we are thrilled to introduce the Avanzando Award. Meaning “moving forward” in Spanish, this award honors the journey that AVANCE-Austin parents undertake once they graduate from the Parent-Child Education Program. We are proud to celebrate the accomplishments of one parent in particular whose determination and leadership embody the values of our organization.

We know that early childhood education lays a strong foundation for life-long learning. Similarly, here at AVANCE-Austin, we believe that our parenting program is, for many of our clients, the portal to a new life centered on self-development and professional growth.

Please join us on February 23 to praise the journey of our first Avanzando Award honoree.

Announcing the 2022 AVANCE-Austin Avanzando Honoree

Nancy Carrasco, Parent-Child Education Program (PCEP) 2019 Alumna, AVANCE-Austin

Through AVANCE-Austin’s PCEP, Nancy learned how to stimulate her child’s brain development through practices such as serve-and-return interactions. During the 9-month program, our educators tested Nancy’s son Cain's development and referred him for speech therapy. With the support of AVANCE-Austin's Early Childhood Educators and his speech therapist, Cain, now enrolled in PreK-3, has since drastically improved his speaking skills.

Cain is not the only one in the family reaching new educational milestones. Nancy is currently enrolled at Austin Community College where she works on the completion of her degree in Business Administration. Nancy also works as a Parent Support Specialist within Austin Independent School District. In the year 2020, Nancy worked with the Latino Health Care Forum to advocate for the health of her community during this pandemic and worked for the U.S. Census to prevent the undercounting of our population. She credits her passion for being involved in her child’s school district and for becoming a community leader to AVANCE-Austin.

When Nancy isn’t working or in class, she enjoys focusing on her entire family’s well-being through outdoor activities. Her family loves to play soccer, jog, and participate in Camp Gladiator. Reading has also become a favorite pastime since graduating from AVANCE-Austin. While her entire family was quarantined in 2020, Nancy took it upon herself to organize and host weekly zoom meetings with her network of friends and family called “Family Club” which included story time and educational activities for the whole family to enjoy together.

We are so proud and honored to present this award to Nancy at the Valor y Sueños Luncheon on February 23rd. Purchase your tables/tickets today to hear from Nancy herself, about her incredible journey in reaching her dreams. Your donation helps propel AVANCE-Austin's mission of building educational foundations and empowering Latino mothers like Nancy.