Griffith Family Legacy Award 2017: The Long Foundation

A spirited advocate for the transformative power of education, The Long Foundation changes lives by supporting programs committed to unlocking potential through learning. Their dedication to helping communities rise through education makes them an ideal partner in AVANCE-Austin’s work and realization of our mission and vision. Since 2011, The Long Foundation has steadfastly assisted us in achieving our goals for our signature Parent-Child Educational Program. Their tremendous support of this program instantly and profoundly impacts the families we serve by empowering mothers to step into their fullest potential and readying their children for a strong start into their academic career. We are deeply grateful for their dedicated championship of our work and for their generosity that unlocks our families’ potential to soar.
On November 1, we will honor The Long Foundation with the Griffith Family Legacy Award at the Valor y Sueños Luncheon. We hope you’ll join us to not only thank The Long Foundation for their continuous support of the AVANCE mission, but for their commitment to improving education in our community.
The Valor y Sueños Luncheon honors the courage & dreams of parents who strive against all odds to help their children grow up healthy, happy, and successful. We will never give up on their dreams of children who, if given the chance, will strengthen the fabric of our country. With your participation, we will not only experience an empowering afternoon, we will also provide significant support to ensure that very young children and their parents have the chance to thrive in our community.