Valor y Sueños 2017 Cover Mom: Gabriela y Natalia


Gabriela’s* passion for early childhood education was reenergized by AVANCE-Austin. A spirited champion for the transformative power of education, Gabriela initially enrolled in AVANCE for the learning opportunities for her three-year-old daughter, Natalia.* As she witnessed Natalia’s enhanced ease in social interactions and communication, Gabriela also realized that she herself had a genuine interest in early childhood development.

This reawakened curiosity prompted her to return to AVANCE’s partnered summer programming, H-E-B Read3. Gabriela volunteered as a classroom assistant to gain additional experience in this professional arena. She joined AVANCE staff in developing lesson plans and managing a toddlers classroom. Now, she embarks into the next chapter with a nourished commitment to continue fostering a love for learning in her daughter and in her own journey toward sharing that love through her teaching.

*Names have been changed for confidentiality



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