Meet Maria Mayte Avance-Austin Alumni!

The first five years of life are the most important years as they become the foundation of our children’s early childhood. Our children are the future of tomorrow. AVANCE-Austin is a program that cares deeply about providing families, children, and communities with an opportunity to grow and offering our children the chance for early childhood education. It provides us parents with tools to grow and become better through lessons and teachings in each class. Every Monday, a group of moms and I built a community in our classroom, helping and supporting each other. It impacted us in different but positive ways. AVANCE, for us, became a place to grow, full of opportunities, a shoulder to lean on, patience, and tolerance, more than that, a privilege. The impact this program has had on my family and the other families in my class is powerful. One of the moms shared that her children socialize more and share! How amazing is that?! Another mom shared that her child is developing literacy skills through books. AVANCE gave us a new perspective on our children by teaching us things we never would have thought of. For some of us, it was understanding the development of our children.

 We have nothing but gratitude for both of them. Keep doing this work for as long as you can!