AVANCE-Austin Class of 2012-2013

AVANCE graduates from the program site at Baty Elementary receive their certificates.

Austin, TX (June 2013) 74 families, including 75 parents and 89 young children, graduated from the AVANCE program during a ceremony on June 1st at Travis High School. Over the course of nine months, AVANCE parents attended weekly classes to improve their overall knowledge of child development, learn educational toy making, and receive English courses and valuable information about community resources. Their children gained the foundation for future success in school through early childhood instruction, which included monthly home visits and developmental screenings from AVANCE parent-educators.

Community members who provide funds and support for the AVANCE program so that it remains entirely free for all participants were there to congratulate families. Also in attendance was speaker Gina Hinojosa, AISD Board of Trustees Vice President, and Univision anchor Leslie Montoya, who was master of ceremonies at the event.

The graduation is always the highlight of the Parent-Child Education program year.  A majority of AVANCE mothers and fathers have not completed high school and are immigrants  lacking  financial resources and a  knowledge of the U.S school system. The ceremony represents the transformation the parents and their children undergo while participating in AVANCE, as well as their newly found confidence and eagerness to succeed educationally.  Thank you to everyone who made it possible for  us to continue to improve the lives of  families this year!