Alma Ruiz – Individual Hero

Please join us on October 30th as we recognize Alma Ruiz as our Individual Hero for her volunteer leadership with AVANCE-Austin:

“When I started AVANCE, my desire to succeed became stronger and I felt more motivated to do things out in the world.”
-Alma Ruiz, 2016 AVANCE Graduate

Alma Ruiz

Moving to Austin nine years ago from Mexico, Alma Ruiz often found herself feeling alone, isolated from friends and family.

Adding to her challenges, Alma’s youngest daughter, Valeria, was born with microcephaly, and doctors warned she would experience development delays. Valeria began receiving physical therapy with Early Childhood Intervention Services at only three months old, but Alma struggled emotionally as her mother.

Then Alma joined AVANCE-Austin’s Parent-Child Education Program at St. John’s Community Center, and later joined AVANCE’s Positive Parenting Practices (Triple P) program, learning how to parent without saying “no” to help support Valeria with her communication delays.

Today, with both her daughters (Valeria in Kindergarten and Sofia in 2nd grade) progressing academically, Alma is now devoting her time to help other mothers ovecome challenges and achieve their dreams. Alma is an active member of AVANCE’s alumni group, Mamas Avanzando, and serves on the Board of Directors of M.I.S.M.A., which stands for Mujeres Inspiradas en Sueños, Metas y Acciones (Women Inspired by Dreams, Goals, and Actions). Alma continues to advocate for domestic worker’s rights in Texas and throughout the country.

Recently, AVANCE was proud to nominate Alma to serve as a representative for the United Way Parent Advisory Leadership Council, where she will participate in conversations to foster community building, leadership development, and offer feedback on Early Childhood Education and 2-Generation community plans in Travis County. Alma is also preparing to take an entrance exam for the Austin Community College Nursing Program to further her education.

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