Support families in our community today.

The AVANCE Way of Fostering Communities

The AVANCE Way is a distinctive approach to working with families that fosters community, trust, and learning. With well over 40 years of building trust-based relationships with our families, we have helped them overcome isolation to become the best parents and citizens they can be.

The AVANCE Way consists of ten core components

  • AVANCE's beliefs about families
    We believe that parents are their child’s first and most important teachers and that home is the first classroom. Approaching education in a holistic and dignified manner stimulates the parent and child's physical, emotional and economic wellbeing for life-long learning.
  • Core principles drive employee behaviors
    Seventeen core principles embedded in AVANCE's core educational programs guide how our employees interact with families.
  • Use common language
    We talk with our families using a basic set of everyday language that reinforces AVANCE’s core beliefs and the core principles of our approach.
  • Staff hiring reinforces principles and builds trust
    Former program participants who have been immersed in the AVANCE Way often join our team. These committed staff members who go the extra mile to assist families while ‘walking the talk’ serve as strong role models, allowing families to witness what can come of their lives. Demonstrating this true partnership in cooperation and action cultivates a culture of trust.
  • Operations ‘meet hard-to-reach families where they are’
    AVANCE works very closely with families to meet them where they are. Program services are available in English and Spanish and can be provided either in home or at one of our conveniently located neighborhood facilities. To help overcome any logistics obstacles, we also offer free transportation and childcare. Our recruitment techniques even include going door-to-door in neighborhoods to invite the most difficult to reach parents.
  • Comprehensive learning approach
    AVANCE's multi-faceted parenting curriculum employs a holistic learning approach that focuses on cognitive, socio-emotional, and physical development to enhance the learner's experience. Using Toy making and other creative activities facilitate innovative problem-solving in a playful manner that can be learned at both the facility and home environments.
  • Cohort-based educational approach 
    For nine months, cohorts of 20-25 families engage in two- generational activities to build intellectual creativity and learn community leadership skills.
  • Culturally responsive 
    Educators from within the family’s community support open, respectful and productive conversations. Staff embraces a warm spirit towards diverse family experiences as well as holidays, celebrations and other social bonding activities.
  • Training all staff 
    All associates attend a four-day PCEP course and ongoing training to learn the AVANCE Way. Knowledgeable staff members who are confident in their abilities have an expanded capacity to support families and encourage growth.
  • Staff monitoring
    Counseling and coaching facilitate our learning, which is secondary to the underlying process of nurturing our families' development.