¡Otro Día de Voluntariado Exitoso!


Last Thursday, August 4th, a group of over 20 volunteers were able to help kickoff the upcoming school year by decorating classrooms, bulletin boards, and building portable sinks to support the AVANCE educators at our north location within River Oaks Elementary school. The volunteers worked hard to assemble functional sinks in each classroom for the children, clean and organize the shelves and tables around the classrooms, and decorate the walls and bulletin boards with colorful designs meant to inspire learning. The clean and cheerful classrooms are sure to make a bright impact on the families who will return to the Parent-Child Education Program (PCEP) in a few weeks.

PCEP is a 9-month program that provides informational sessions and resources to parents of Spanish speaking families and developmental classes for their children before the age of 5, in order to create an easy transition into kindergarten/school for both the parent and the child. PCEP provides multiple sessions for parents once a week, including parent education, toy making classes, community resource speakers, case management through home visitation, parent-child interactive literacy activities led by instructors called “peque y yo”, and leadership training.


A huge thank you to Alaina Reyes with DISCO for reaching out to us and showing up in huge numbers to volunteer. As part of their social impact program, DISCO Cares, they are able to nurture employee passions for charitable causes, invest in STEM education for the next generation in underserved communities, and support local families in need. We are grateful for their support.



Another huge thank you to Belinda Arambula and the entire Burns Anderson Jury and Brenner, LLP team for also coming out to volunteer. Belinda is currently part of our board of directors and member of our development committee, actively helping to not only sustain but grow our programming to serve more families. We appreciate all the ways Belinda supports our mission.



We are also so thankful for Calily Bien with Samsung for volunteering her time to uplift parents and their children through this classroom preparation. The support from volunteers makes a world of difference to our educators and the children and parents who we serve through our programs. Thank you for believing in us and supporting our cause. If you’re interested in volunteering, please email Danielle Osio.