Meet Lucelvy Carroll, a Program Coordinator at AVANCE-Austin!

Lucelvy’s journey with AVANCE began eight years ago when she started as a volunteer for the organization alongside AMERICORPS. After completing her volunteer service, AVANCE offered her a job, which she gladly accepted. In this role, she shared her knowledge as a teacher and home visitor, gaining insights into how to support AVANCE families with various community resources.

For her, AVANCE-Austin serves as a wellspring of inspiration, constantly reminding families and employees that our capabilities and aspirations can be as vast as we dare to make them. The extent of our achievements depends on how far we are willing to reach, and Avance provides a sturdy foundation for our professional growth alongside our families.

AVANCE has presented her with another opportunity for personal and professional development, and she now holds the role of Program Coordinator.

Lucelvy takes immense pride in her association with AVANCE-Austin and remains committed to sharing her knowledge and experience with her team throughout the years. Along her journey, she has come to realize the profound impact AVANCE has on families, leading to increased success for both families and employees.

Lucelvy Carroll