How to #AmplifyAVANCE!

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Thank you for joining our campaign to Amplify AVANCE! Together, we’ll raise $30,000 to change everything for very young, low-income children and their parents. Spread the word with your friends, family, and community about AVANCE-Austin’s work and make 2017 the best Amplify year ever!

Creating your Fundraising Profile
Step 1:

  • Visit our Amplify Austin page:
  • Click on “Create a fundraising campaign” button on right side.
  • You’ll need to create a log-in with your email and create a password.

Step 2: Create your profile

  • Organization: This should say “AVANCE-Austin”. If not, you can enter that.
  • Fundraiser title: This can be something like “Unlock America’s Potential”—whatever is meaningful to you.
  • Your fundraiser summary: This is your opportunity to share what is meaningful for you and why you support
  • AVANCE-Austin. What makes this organization special to you? It can be as serious or fun as you want!
  • URL link: this can be your fundraiser title, but you can also just use your name. An example:
  • Add a photo: It can be an AVANCE photo (there are plenty on Facebook) or a picture of you.
  • Your personal appeal: Short summary sentence that will go with your photo. For example, “5 donations of $20 will meet my goal! Will you help?”
  • Fundraiser goal: Set a realistic goal, make a plan and do your best! We suggest a minimum of $100 for your personal goal. (If you asked 10 friends to donate just $10 each, or 5 friends to donate $20 each, you’d meet your goal in no time!)

Step 3: Submit for Approval

  • Click “Submit Fundraiser for Approval”
  • The AVANCE team will approve your profile as soon we can so that you can start sharing your page!

Deadline to submit your individual fundraising profile for approval is March 1 at 5:00 pm.

Donors may begin prescheduling gifts through your page as soon as your profile is submitted and approved. Scheduled donations count towards 2017 Amplify Austin Day goals and will not be charged until Amplify Austin Day (March 2).

Promoting your Fundraising Campaign

  • The first step towards your goal is to share it with your network. Use tools you already use to communicate with your friends and family. Social media, emails and phone calls or text messages are all great ways to raise awareness and funds.
  • Before posting on social media, give your fundraiser a little momentum by reaching out to friends and family directly via email, text message, or phone call. A personal message asking for their support will go a long way. Make sure to:
    • Include a link to your personal fundraiser page.
    • Offer a quick explanation of AVANCE-Austin does:
      • AVANCE-Austin’s innovative dual generation approach is closing the gap and unlocking potential for children from low-income, Spanish-speaking families. Each year, AVANCE provides 25,000 hours of instruction and over 1,000 home visits to 300 parents and children.

Here’s a sample message:

Hey John, 

Tomorrow is Amplify Austin. In case you aren’t familiar with it, Amplify Austin is a city-wide 24-hour online giving campaign for local non-profits. I’m excited to support AVANCE-Austin this year and hope you’ll join me. The money raised will directly benefit very young, low-income children and their parents by providing FREE dual-generation parent and early childhood education and family support services.

I’m trying to raise $100 in 24 hours from 6pm Thursday, March 2 to 6pm, Friday, March 3. If I can get 5 people to each donate $20 or more, I’m there. It’s important for me to help change everything for young Hispanic children and their families. I hope you’ll support me and these children by making a gift to my fundraising page below. If you know you’ll be unavailable on Amplify Austin Day, you can also pre-schedule your gift and it will count towards my goal. Thanks in advance! Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions, and thanks for reading!

  • Once you’ve done your first round of personal outreach, social media is a great next step to keep everyone updated on your progress and impact. Promote on your own social media channels, with a link to your personal fundraising page to make it easy for your friends to donate
  • Want to go the extra mile? Make a donation to your own fundraiser to set the example and kick off your fundraising efforts!

Social Media

Follow #AmplifyAVANCE and let’s get trending across all platforms!

Facebook: @AvanceAustin 

“Like” us and share our Amplify posts. Or create your own content using hashtags: #AmpilfyATX and #AmplifyAVANCE.

Sample Post:
I’m proud to support @AvanceAustin this year through #AmplifyATX. Visit to learn more and help support young Hispanic children and families in Austin. 

Twitter: @AVANCEAustin

Again, save yourself time and retweet us. Consider adding a personal message to encourage your friends to give.  Make sure to use the #AmplifyATX or #AmplifyAVANCE in all your tweets!

Sample post:
Excited to support @AVANCEAustin this year during #AmplifyATX! Preschedule your gift to give back to Austin TODAY [include your campaign link]

Just a few hours left to #AmplifyATX! Help @AVANCEAustin reach their goal of $30K before 6pm [include your campaign link]

24 hours to give back to @AVANCEAustin during #AmplifyATX! Your gift will change everything for Hispanic families [include your campaign link]

Help me reach my goal to #AmplifyAVANCE! I need just 5 friends to give $20 each before 6pm today. Can you help? [include your campaign link]

Tip: Use a URL shortener like or for your campaign link if you need more character space.

Instagram: AVANCE-Austin is not on Instagram yet, but if you have an account, please feel free to spread the word through photos, and don’t forget to tag @ilh_igh and use the hashtags #AmplifyAustin #AmplifyAVANCE

For questions, contact Melinda Gonzales Boe