Program Suspension Notice Due to COVID-19

For 23 years, AVANCE-Austin has worked tirelessly to help families achieve their full potential through our two-generation educational programming and family support services. The well-being of our parents and their young children has always been our priority.

With the safety and well-being of AVANCE children, parents, staff and volunteers in mind, we are taking the following precautions necessary to avoid the spread of COVID-19 in our community:

  • In response to this ongoing health crisis, and due to Order 20200324-007 by the Mayor of the City of Austin, all of AVANCE-Austin in-person programs will be suspended from March 23-May 30, 2020.
  • AVANCE-Austin staff will be working from home, in alignment with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommendations for social distancing to prevent the possible spread of COVID-19.
  • AVANCE-Austin staff is working diligently and creatively to ensure continuity of services to our families in the near future regardless of whether or not our facilities remain closed.

In addition to providing high-quality early-childhood education programs and inculcating positive parenting practices in our moms and dads, AVANCE-Austin provides access to crucial information and resources to the latinx community in Central Texas. For many Spanish-speaking families, AVANCE-Austin represents a safe haven, an organization that provides them with social capital, and a place with skilled staff that can help them navigate and overcome even the most difficult of situations.We will continue to do everything within our power to provide resources, information, and quality education to our latinx community.

AVANCE-Austin will continue to provide support to our families.


Cristina Garza, AVANCE-Austin Executive Director

P.S. Because children are not in school right now, their educational and social development is more important than ever. And, with the growing threat of COVID-19, the effects of widespread panic and fear in families can be life-altering for a child of any age. Please consider making a donation today to help AVANCE-Austin build an emergency fund to assist in providing essential resources to our families that may be experiencing extreme hardships at