AVANCE Partners with United Way and Samsung to Meet Growing Community Need.

Executive Director Sofia Casini and Catherine Morse, General Counsel and Director of Public Affairs at Samsung.

We are appreciative that with Samsung and United Way funding AVANCE will be able to expand our current services in Dove Springs and St. John’s. These are low-income, majority Latino neighborhoods AVANCE has been serving in collaboration with other community partners such as the St. Johns and Dove Springs Community School Alliances, and they are now receiving public attention for their high level of need.

United Way’s recently published research study found that children living in these communities were the least prepared in the city, with 18% in Dove Springs and 14% in St. John’s found to be “developmentally challenged” upon school entry. Thanks to funding made possible by Samsung and United Way we can extend our services to more families in these areas and make a greater impact not only one family at a time, but also on the neighborhoods they live in, and the larger community.